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Why we’re all still obsessed with Misty Copeland

Hello Glamazonians!

Ever since Misty Copeland landed the coveted spot of Principal Dancer, it seems more people are enamored of her. As someone who has been following Copeland’s career for the past few years, I can tell you that she is so worth the attention we’re giving her. Being given the spot of principal dancer means that she is the highest rank of the dancers at American Ballet Theatre! CopelandĀ is the also first Black woman to ever hold that title in ABT’s 75 year history. Isn’t it interesting that in 2015 we’re still talking about people of colour making new strides in their professions? I have friends who say to me, “why can’t we just celebrate her accomplishment, must it be about race all the time”? I say to them the same thing I say to everyone who asks that question. When we get to a place where being the first person of colour in a position isn’t such a monumental achievement, then our work is done. Until then, we celebrate Misty for her hard work and celebrate the strides she’s making for young girls in the Ballet world.

XoXo Whitney:)